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Tommie Suber was born 10/26/1947 in Toledo Ohio is the oldest of eight children.

Suber is a well know Detroit labor and community organizer. He began his career as a radical and left wing Vietnam war protester. Employed with numerous public sector unions. These include serving as Vice President Council 23, AFSCME, A FL-CIO and President of its Local 1880, Founding member of the Michigan State Workers Organizing Committee, Vice President Michigan State Employees Association’s Safety and Regulatory bargaining unit, Field Representative UAW. Organizer local 1199 SEIU, and organizer National Treasury Employees Union employed on Social Security unionization campaign.

In Columbus, Ohio engaged in workplace and community organizing in a campaign to unionize Sodexo formally Marriott Corporation which is one of the top three catering and concession companies in the United States. Wages in this industry are among the lowest in the nation. The campaign was initiated by the SEIU union. Sodexo executives refused to recognize the Union and consequently began to initiate community resistance and boycott to contracting with Sodexo. The boycott was successful in getting Sodexo replaced as the contractor at Columbus Public Schools, the Ohio State University, and the Columbus Clippers baseball team.

During the Vietnam War was prosecuted for failure to submit to induction but was issued a directed verdict of not guilty by the trial judge. Subsequently, was prosecuted for standing in a doorway being rushed by FBI agents. the FBI had sent the graduating cl;ass of the FBI Academy to raid St. Josephs Episcopal church in Detroit in order to arrest a member of the Detroit Committee against the War who refused to report to Fort Leonard Wood for service in Vietnam. This time Suber was acquitted by a trial jury.

Employed by the states of Michigan and Ohio. Serving in the position as Child Support Investigator and Social Service Program Developer. In the latter position audited Ohio child support programs and served as hearing officer.

Upon retirement from the State of Michigan received commendations from the State Senate and House of Representatives.

Now resides in Kansas as a retiree but still active in community organizing.

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