Anti communism at home and abroad.

I would like to respond to the political position taken regarding Trump’s about face on Cuba based on anti-communism.  My commrades Medveckey znd Glotta think this Trump move is good as it wil extend revolutionzry versus capitalist dsvelopment in Cuba.  That is perhaps arguablh true altnough Cuba has plenty of non-U.S. partners for caoitalist ddvelopment. But unlike them, I am concerned about pivots toward reaction and anti-communism at home in the United States. Anti-communism by another political clown and drunk McCarthy led to suppression of the political left for more than a decade while destroying the remnants of the Commjnist Party USA. The modetn day pivot to reaction might lead to more repression at home. Especially given Trump’s political connections with the extreme right.   

Finally having visited Cuba in 1985 and seeing changes taking place is heartbreaking but I think the question to be asked is an old one. It is can you build socialism in one country. And the answer is no. We need a  reinvigorated genuine incignious communist movements world wide base upon general prunciples that also respect national history and economic development.

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