Flooding of rivers clogged with mud and destruction of homes are the results of American and Chineese mining operations in the Philippines along with children and adults dying from exposure to dust and heavy metal nickel.

There is a great injustice and poisoning of people, women, and children in the Phillipines by the following mining companies Dmci, Zdmc, Benguet and Eramin who mine the metal nickel and soil for the China to reclaim the nearby seas with artificial bases built with mountains of soil taken from the Phillipines. If some organization or legal group can help with legal representation of the residents of the Phillipines I could connect you with people affected. Recently mine wastes flooded a local community as a result of a hurricane and heavy rains. Kids have died from poisoning with this heavy metal and others children have severe allergic reactions from the dust. It is an environmental crime of epic proportions and still going on.

dmci mining zambales mccwinternational.org
http://www.mccwinternational.org › dmci-mini…
DMCI MINING CORP., a subsidiary of listed Semirara Mining Corp., has signed a deal with Benguet Corp. for mining operations in a nickel mine in Zambales. … of 200,000 tons both from its subsidiaries Berong Nickel Corporation (BNC) in Palawan and Zambales Diversified Metals Corporation (ZDMC) in Zambales. Below see below what this means to people living there:

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