American Poverty

Forty (40) million people in America in poverty.

Poverty gets worse on a daily basis. The United States is cutting all social prograns that might keep people out of poverty. The Bush administration has suceeded in abolishing employer pension plans for nearly everyone by rewuiring 100 per cent funding when all pension plans were desigbed as pay as yoh go lime social security. So as time goes more and more seniors will enter poverty.

The largest employers in America pay below subsitencd wages. Employers like Amazon, Walmart, and the fokd service industry.

In the area of medical benefits cost, copays, and reduced benefit rates of Medicare makes obtaining health care difficult and in many cases making tbd agjng seniors work full time to pay for secondary healtb care at rates of anout $1,500 a month.

We are making a nation of impoverished workers.

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