Fascism begins in small steps.

From Ari Allyn-Feuer:

Just a reminder to everyone: Dachau opened in 1933. It didn’t begin with death camps (1942), or with slave labor (1939), ghettoes (1939), wholesale rounding up of dissidents and disfavored groups (1938). It didn’t even begin with a wholesale destruction of the rule of law and mass imprisonment of alleged criminals without due process (1935). It began with people, most of whom had broken the law and been convicted, being held in a slightly-extralegal camp along with a relatively small number of people who had done nothing wrong and were there for no reason other than decree. Things escalated from there.

These internment camps of Trump’s are the Dachau of 1933. There’s a little bit of a gloss on them that says, oh, no, this is sort of still part of the old judicial system. There’s some kind of process happening in most of these cases. There are some lawyers who can tell you a story about why this is happening that bears some resemblance to something else in the world. It’s only slightly extralegal. That’s how it starts, and it’s up to us, everybody, to make sure it ends there. Because the administration isn’t going to. This is their policy and they’re sticking with it.

Not every government that’s in danger of turning tyrannical does. Not every fascist government, even, goes Nazi and starts getting genocidal. There are a lot of times and places in history where things got dicey and then came back, and others where the fascists were in charge, and they only halfway wrecked things (Greece, Spain, arguably Italy). So, I know that in the light of history, it may, some day, look a little odd that I mention Dachau in this context. I may look foolish. And that’s OK; I hope that happens.

If it happens, it will be because we decided to do something about it now, and then did it. Let’s decide that. Joe Arpaio went to prison for running his camp, and I hope Trump goes to prison for running his, but in any event, let’s make sure it stops.

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