Net companies such as Facebook and Twitter are attacking free speech on the internet by closing millions of accounts that don’t meet their mainstream standards.

By Tommie Suber

We are witnessing an incredible breakdown of liberal notions of free speech by those who ostensibly promulgate speech rights and civil discourse. The demands to censor content on Facebook, twitter and other social media is at root a blend of anti Russian, anti communist, and anti left notions. It is a movement demanding centrist thought by all irrespective of free speech and free association that is reminiscent of the 1950’s. This is clearly a move towards fascist regulation of thought and advocacy. It is amazing to this author that people once again fear ideas and would outlaw the thoughts they disagree with. And make no mistake the thought being regulated and outlawed is any left wing ideology being expressed on social media.

And once again we must make sure that those who would outlaw thought necessarily fail or we shall decent into a darkness never experienced in our lifetimes. We are fast tracking on a road towards fascism.

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