The Establishment’s Barbarism and Liberal Intolerence

**Carlos Latuff**
***MintPress News*** ***Political Cartoonist***

You may have seen his work illustrating Israeli apartheid, colonialism and the brutality of Israel’s treat ment of Palestinians in Gaza, or maybe a cartoon showing Uncle Sam’s claws reaching out across the seas with blood staining the world after 9/11 or maybe a cartoon depicting President Recep Tayyip Erdogan ruling Turkey with an iron fist while showing the world how democratic his country is, or maybe even a cartoon illustrating the world’s hypocrisy in cheer leading a humanitarian war in Syria while the US and it’s allies starve 23 million people in Yemen while creating one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises the world has seen.

Now Instagram and Facebook are censoring MintPress and the political cartoons of **Carlos Latuff*****MintPress News Political Cartoonist***

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