American Lies in the Middle East

The United States is playing fast and loose with the facts regarding the Japanese ship in the Strait of Hormus on June 14. While the United States claims the ship was attacked with limpet mines, the ship captain disputes this account. The captain of the ship Courageous stated that the ship was not attacked with mines and photographs show the damage and fire were well above the water line. The ship captain believed the ship might have been hit by a flying object. In any case the U.S. claim of Iranian mine attack is patently false.

While the U.S. is looking for any excuse to go to war against Iran, this instance will not serve. The U.S. claims are rightly being denied by our allies except for Great Britain who slavishly supports any American military adventure. If the U.S. wants renewed respect in the world it must stop obvious lies. Iran has given us no reason to go to war but America has engaged in economic attacks and enforced boycotts of Iran. Enough of the lies. The time when American could make up excuses for war is long past.

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