U.S. sanctions in Venezuela result in untold suffering and the death of 40’000 people

We must resist the United State’s attempts to dictate to the people of Venezuela . We have appropriated the Venezuela government ownership of Chevron Oil and other assists of their people simply because we desire complete control of their oil and other natural resources and because we refuse to let stand any government that serves its people better than we do. This is an economic and political war by United States corporate interests against the poor who struggle for a better life in their own country. The imperial desires of the United States can not be allowed to stand. Those U.S. corporate interests bring nothing but death and destruction both here and abroad.

How many die in America because we lack national health insurance? People here are dying because insulin that is $30 dollars in Canada is $300 in the United States. An Epipen that costs next ro nothing now sells for hundreds of dollars in America. Corporate interests put profit above human life.

We need to end capitalism with its exploitation at home and its wars for economic hegemony abroad .

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